The science behind NuCalm’s neuroacoustic software is remarkable and complex. The objectives behind inventing the new NuCalm neuroacoustic software platform were to design physiological outcomes focused on recover, restore, reboot, and rebalance… like fine tuning a musical instrument. Dr. Blake Holloway spent several years immersed in the intriguing and exotic arenas of quantum biology and neurophysics. New discoveries in neuroscience over the past decade allowed him to develop NuCalm 3.0, a neuroacoustic physics file that is faster acting, provides a deeper recovery and cellular restoration experience, and predictably balances the mind and body, compared to NuCalm 1.0 (launched in 2009) and NuCalm 2.0 (launched 2016).

Many leading scientists, including Dr. Holloway, believe that all of creation on this dimension is oscillatory. Mankind has become desynchronized from the master oscillatory matrix. The greater the desynchronization the greater the alienation and sense of isolation. We bring, with NuCalm, to the world, a technology that can resynchronize and restore the lost complexity. NuCalm Rescue, PowerNap, and FlowState produce coherence in the heart, which is the true seat of intelligence. When the heart and brain connection is coherent even dormant DNA potentials are released.

In the invention process Dr. Holloway focused on 4 critical areas of the brain: the reticular activating system, the corpus callosum, the HPA axis, and the autonomic nervous system. To create effective neurobiofeedback within the complexities of the brain, Dr. Holloway leveraged the auditory motor cortex, not just as a gateway for collecting auditory signals, but for its function in stimulating the prefrontal and frontal motor cortex. The brain is nonlinear, thus using proprietary, complex methods to present patterns that the brain won’t easily get bored with represents a significant challenge. The binaural signal processing, frequency-following response neurobiofeedback and

isochronic wave form are foundational to the neuroacoustic software but cannot be the only effective elements. Dr. Holloway also used specific techniques to evoke potential on a cellular level and increase electrical output focused on certain brain regions. These are spikes in brain electrical activity observed in response to the presentation of an auditory stimulus. Multiple stimuli delivered a certain number of times per second, mimicking the desired brain frequency level, can create evoked potentials in the brain at that same frequency level.

To create an auditory evoked response at a frequency range between 12Hz   and 4Hz (Alpha and Theta), is difficult because human ears cannot

receive sounds delivered under 20Hz. This is where the brain’s compensatory mechanisms leveraging binaural signal processing come into play. This method involves simultaneously delivering two tones with different frequencies into the left and right ears, for example, 250Hz to left ear, and 255Hz to right ear. These sound waves will initially meet in the superior olivary complex, a structure in the brainstem, where they will interfere constructively and create a resultant beat frequency calculated by the difference between the two tones’ frequencies (255Hz – 250Hz = 5Hz beat frequency, which is Theta).

The beat frequency at any level can then be transmitted to and perceived by the auditory cortex of the brain. Repeated presentations of binaural signal processing and isochronic wave forms create repetitive auditory evoked potentials which induce a frequency following response in the brain, meaning multiple neural networks will begin oscillating at that specific beat frequency. This brain wave synchronization has been verified in electroencephalography and quantitative electroencephalography studies conducted by Dr. Holloway and NuCalm’s independent medical advisory board of 52 leading doctors, research scientists, and academicians.

To illustrate the complexity of the neuroacoustic software, let’s say a typical song is 5MB in size. One NuCalm neuroacoustic software journey is over 1,536 MB: that’s 307 times the size of a song. The complex method used to produce the neuroacoustic software is the ONLY patented method in the world, validated by over 5 years of research throughout the patent process showcasing that nothing like this has ever existed before, and the strength and efficacy of the outcomes are irrefutable. On August 17, 2021, NuCalm was awarded a patent for “methods and devices for applying dynamic, non-linear oscillations and vibrations” to elicit a physiological state change in a human being; U.S. Patent Registration No.: 11,090,459. This patent proved that NuCalm continues to stand alone as a true pioneer with the only technology that can do what it does – change your mental state on demand simply by listening to neuroacoustic software.


   布莱克霍洛威博士(Dr. Blake Holloway)带领团队研发完成了一款非常特别的基于双耳节拍原理的神经声学软件--命名为NuCalm。NuCalm可以快速诱导大脑从Beta脑电波(日常清醒状态)快速进入Theta脑电波(深度修复)。与脑波生物反馈相比,NuCalm就像是飞机,而脑波生物反馈像是汽车。